Directed Reading Program

The Directed Reading Program pairs up graduate student mentors with undergraduate students for independent studies. I have been a mentor for the DRP for multiple semesters with an array of different projects.

Mega Math Meet

In the spring of 2022, I worked on the Mega Math Meet, a math competition for fifth and sixth grade students from Wisconsin. I helped write a problem about fractals (and aliens!), grade completed tests, and generally helped organize the event.

Math Circle

The Math Circle at UW-Madison is a weekly series of math activities for middle and high school students in the Madison area. In the spring of 2022, I led a session entitled “Bubbling Cauldrons”:

Place our numbers into the cauldrons in ascending order—you can choose which cauldron each one goes in. However, if two numbers in one cauldron add up to a third number in that same cauldron, they bubble up and cause an explosion! This means that all the numbers leave the cauldrons, and you must start all over again. Our goal is to find the largest number we can place in our cauldrons without them exploding… do you think you’re up for this daunting task?